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Domino’s Is Changing The Way You Tweet

Ordering a pizza online is about to get even easier. Domino’s Pizza is rolling out a new feature on May 20th: “Tweet-to-Order.”

You can now tweet @Domino’s to place your order. And what makes this feature even more convenient?  All you need to do is tweet the pizza emoji and your order will be completed. That’s right, just the emoji – nothing more. Easy as (pizza) pie!

How does it work you ask? Let us tell you.

  1. Set up a Pizza Profile at
  2. Add your Twitter handle to your Pizza Profile. This will allow you to re-order an “Easy Order.”
  3. Tweet #EasyOrder or the pizza emoji to @Dominos.
  4. Domino’s will send the “Easy Order” through an automated Direct Message.
  5. Confirm your order.

Domino's Twitter

Tweet-to-order is a game changer in the restaurant industry, and Domino’s is taking the lead! Because 50% of Domino’s orders are placed digitally, this seems like an innovative and rational next step for their brand. Domino’s has successfully revamped their brand in the past year. Now, they are poised to go to the next level by adding social media to the mix. They are attracting a younger, social-savvy audience by introducing this new ordering feature.

After the system is launched, it could open doors for new opportunity between Twitter and advertising. Twitter is no longer a place just to chat, complain or advertise. Twitter is now a place to buy!

We suggest trying out this new feature during Game 1 of the  @Cavs VS @ATLHawks playoff series. You know you will be tweeting about the game, why not tweet for pizza too?!

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