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Dubious Social Media ROI? Not in Healthcare.

Marketers, in general, have a hard time connecting the dots between their work and an uptick in revenue. Surveys quote it again and again. As a group, we struggle attributing results to our work.


And, if only a third of us are using attribution to draw the line between our work and the business outcomes, which 66% of us are just bad at our jobs?

E-commerce? Those folks know where it’s at.

Brick and mortar retail? That’s a tough one, but if you think that Foursquare was all about outscoring your friends, you’ve got another thing coming.

Now then, healthcare.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the Affordable Care Act, the law has provisions to tie Medicare reimbursement to HCAHPS surveys – a 27 category survey covering a variety of care experiences and outcomes. Up to 2.0% of total reimbursement from the feds are tied to the survey results. In other words, how someone feels about their experience has a direct tie to how much reimbursement the care provider gets.

But just in case you need further convincing that digital channels have a correlative relationship with care outcomes, and subsequently, $$, check out this NIH study that analyzed 50K Facebook comments and executed a regression analysis against formal HCAHPS results.

The findings suggest…

The findings suggest that patients’ informal comments help predict a hospital’s formal measures of patient experience.”

Most care providers have caught on – investing in and centering programs around patient experience and comfort. Marketers have found a role in this new reality, helping health systems and regional hospitals be better communicators surrounding everything that touches the patient, from their parking experience to the noisy nurse station outside your room at night.

So, my dear healthcare marketing colleagues, while you may not have a handle on every touchpoint at your facilities, and every doctor’s bedside manner, you can definitely get a handle on the Facebook comment section (and then some).

And while you may not be able to teach empathy (but you can hire for it), the process and speed to amplify empathy over your social channels is a real thing.


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