Digital Analytics and Research

Research informs everything we do.

Research doesn’t live in a silo. It informs everything we do.

Raidious digital strategy is steeped in marketing intelligence. Our discovery and research phases lead Groundwork, our flagship strategy product. Our strategists use social topic and sentiment analysis to power our campaigns. This means that by the time we produce content for your brand, we are moving in lockstep with beliefs and desires of your audience.

Total Audience Analytics.

The Raidious Approach to Disparate Marketing and Sales Data



Brand Relevance Through Real-Time Monitoring & Response

There is a one-word answer for investment in social monitoring and response: relevance. A 2016 survey of over 1,700 adults shows that over ⅓ will use social media as a channel for customer service.

Raidious has deep expertise executing social monitoring programs for enterprise brands. Ask us how social monitoring can assist in reaching your goals.

Performance Reporting and Insight

Raidious has meaningfully designed an infrastructure for performance reporting that keeps us accountable to hitting real business objectives.

We deploy our analysts to derive marketing intelligence from marketing data. We do this using an approach we call Total Audience Analytics, which measures audience participation across the Customer Journey and Life Cycle.

Raidious Delivers Rigorous Social Monitoring Solution for Regional Health System 

Indiana University Health, Indiana’s most comprehensive healthcare system, identified a need for improved monitoring and moderating of the many conversations taking place on its 19 social channels. As an organization with over 26K employees, 3,700 physicians, hundred of partners and an ever-growing patient base, inevitable online conversations were taking place. Many of these conversations started as simple customer service inquiries that resulted in missed opportunities for engagement and sentiment improvement. A need to prioritize these incidents and escalate them efficiently in real-time became abundantly clear.


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