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Don’t drive people to your website.
Drive what’s on your website to people.

Raidious will help you find your audience where they are, and deliver value to them.

There’s no denying that consumer technology habits have changed consumption patterns. Cord cutters, mobile-only Facebook users, an always-on global population – all factors precipitating that brands have to meet consumers where they are, and provide greater value in marketing communications.

Raidious approaches media buying as a marketing fiduciary. Working with us, you will find that we have a strong belief that media effectiveness is grounded in hard data.

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Leaders in Native Advertising

It was once easy to organically build and reach an owned media audience. Since 2014, social networks have matured to be profitable and have driven up costs for brands who wish to remain relevant in social media. Raidious has responded by building one of the most talented teams in native advertising that you will encounter. Our account contacts at social networks are regularly surprised at the results we deliver.

Raidious achieves astounding paid and organic reach for video content with Schlage’s ‘Keyless Era’


A partner ad agency produced eight branded videos for Schlage, a leading manufacturer of door locks and hardware. Schlage laid down high expectations for KPIs, which included 100,000 combined views, to be received within 45 days of these videos being published. Because the ad agency didn’t specialize in social distribution, it enlisted Raidious to develop and execute a paid distribution plan, as well as support organic activity with daily monitoring for engagement opportunities.


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