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Social media managers, like myself, are resting a bit easier this week, after Facebook finally recognized a problem that marketers have been dealing with for months. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm was preventing some of our posts from appearing in News Feeds. But on Tuesday, not only did the company acknowledge this issue, it also announced two News Feed improvements.

Whether you are a user or a marketer, here’s what you need to know about both improvements:

Story bumping is activated on your web browser and is coming to the mobile app soon — we hope.

As a user. If you missed a popular story (one receiving likes & comments) in your news feed, the story will reappear at the top of your feed.

As a marketer. If you create great content for your brand page, you can now positively affect your page’s organic reach. No matter the time of publishing, your popular organic posts have a better chance of being seen by more people.

According to Facebook’s blog, early data indicates that story bumping improves the news feed by increasing the number of likes, comments and shares on Pages’ organic stories by 5 percent, as well as increasing the percentage of stores read in News Feeds from 57 percent to 70 percent. In the same blog, Facebook states “this change does not impact how paid content appears in News Feeds.”

Last actor is activated on both your web browser and the mobile app.

As a user. This update considers your last 50 interactions and gives those users you’ve interacted with a top spot in your News Feed. In a statement to journalists, Lars Backstrom, Facebook’s Engineering Manager for News Feed Ranking, points out the goal of this change was to “try and capture your current state of mind as you’re consuming News Feed and using Facebook … We wanted to make this more real time.”

As a marketer. This update is another opportunity for social media managers to positively affect your Page’s organic reach, as well as activity. Creating useful, engaging content and publishing that content to Facebook on a regular basis will help ensure your audience keeps coming back to your Page for more.

Look out for more algorithm updates on Facebook’s Facebook for Business blog, and download our review on Newsfeed Updates by Facebook here.


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