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Just when you were in the swing of things with Facebook’s algorithm, the social media platform goes and does it again … another News Feed update.

Facebook reported in October that the “average referral traffic from Facebook to media sites has increased by over 170% – almost tripled – in the past year.” And so, in attempt to give their users more of what they want, the platform responded with an announcement that it will be focusing on “high quality” content.

Sounds great, right? Eh … not so fast.

Let’s take a look at what Facebook considers to be high-quality content. Because the platform is now recognizing that its users want to see relevant news, that means it will be putting more weight on links to articles and less weight on your photos, memes and social graphics.


Panic came over me when I first read Facebook’s announcement.  As senior content manager at Raidious, I post photos and social graphics to Facebook for our clients multiple times per day and have seen great success with memes. Why is Facebook now trying to tell me that these pieces of content are not high quality?

Well, let me walk myself away from the edge of this cliff.

What is important to remember during this (and all future) News Feed updates is that quality content is not determined by any platform. You and your audience make that decision. If a graphic is the best way to depict a concept, create the graphic. If there is an awesome photo opportunity of your company culture or a new product, take the photo. If there is conversation around a trending meme that your brand can take advantage of, DO IT.

Keep creating remarkable content first. Think about the best way to distribute it second. Facebook’s News Feed updates should not change your content strategy, but they may change your distribution strategy.

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