Finding Your Audience With YouTube

In Video by Andrew Gouty

The Google Partners Connect event series has been a good way for the Raidious team to keep up to speed on new Google platform feature updates (often weeks before they’re released into the wild).

The most recent Partners Connect event was no exception. Focused on features and strategies central to video advertising on YouTube, last week’s presentation from Mountain View focused on some recent changes to YouTube’s ad system.

Targeting Upgrades

Google has been forced (in part by the wide availability of demographic data made available to social advertising platforms) to improve its capabilities and intelligence surrounding audience matching and intent-based segments. Here are just a few areas where they’re improving:

Stronger Affinity & In-Market Segments w/ added signals from Google, Google Maps & Google Play
Life Events: Target your audience based on major life milestones like getting married, moving, or graduating college
Consumer Patterns: Target audiences based on frequent grocery, big box, department or convenience store shopping

New Ad Formats, Bid Strategies

In addition to the audience match types, YouTube is rolling out “TrueView for Action” which bears striking resemblances to the infrastructure they’ve put in place for Dynamic Display advertising.

trueview for action

If you’re interested in these and other takeaways, check out the full video recording here.