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Let’s face it: We are always on the Internet. Either with your phone or tablet or computer, you are PLUGGED IN. With so many devices and accounts, how do you keep it all straight? It is no wonder it is so easy to get hacked. You have to remember 10+ passwords and most of us are either too lazy or forgetful to come up with a new password for every login, EVERY time.

I am often asked to show someone some extension or add-on they see over my shoulder or am praised (or a little picked on) for how overly organized my browser life is. So I am here to share my secret sauce.

The first ingredient is Google Chrome.


  1. It is super fast.
  2. It is super simple.
  3. It is super secure.
  4. It is super easy to personalize.
  5. You can have multiple identities.
  6. You can sync & load your settings anywhere you choose to use the Internet.
  7. They have apps for all your devices.
  8. Just about everything you could ever need has a Chrome extension.

(If it isn’t clear by now — this browser is SUPER!)

Here is what I suggest: Import and get your bookmarks set up the way you like first. Then sign in or create a Google account using the little wrench icon, or just go here: chrome://chrome/settings/. These are the most important first two steps.

Google Chrome Users

If you have a reason for multiple identities, duplicate this for each identity. (See Users at bottom of settings.)

You can also change your search engine on this page. (Yes, it is OK to use Chrome and search with Bing — go for it!)

Awesome New Tab Page

Next thing you should do is grab this amazing extension called Awesome New Tab Page and customize it.

Here is what my Raidious browser looks like when I open it,  though mine will change from week to week. Again, duplicate for each identity.

Last thing I want you to download is RoboForm.

This extension is a lifesaver for me, and if you refuse to use Chrome, you can download this extension for any browser, your desktop and mobile devices. This tool will save you so much hassle. It securely stores your passwords for you and loads them into the browser for you. This way your passwords are with you wherever you go and are super secure. It will even generate new passwords for you! This is the #1 password generator in the world, and I rely on this tool every time I open a webpage. You can check out all the features here.

I have included hyperlinks throughout the blog to the tools so you can start your journey to find your net zen. If you found this information useful or you would like more tips, let me know in the comments.

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