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10 Things: My First Week at Raidious

Last month, I was thrilled to accept the Community and Media Manager position at Raidious. Though I’m dwelling on the fact that college is really over, I am very thankful to be here. On July 26, I arrived to find my desk equipped with a computer, a bright orange notebook, and a Nerf gun. Raidious has continued to exceed my expectations since that first morning –  just as they do for clients everyday.

  1. I’m happy. That’s the obvious takeaway. Here are nine other things I’ve learned in my first week or so on the job:
  2. Google is everything: I was glad to learn that the entire staff consistently communicates via Google hangouts, Gmail, drive, calendar, etc. Everything is organized and efficient, just the way I like it.
  3. Everyone wants to see others succeed: We all want each other to be the best we can be, for our clients and ourselves. I have already begun my certification in Adwords and Analytics, but the opportunities for professional growth are endless.
  4. There is such a thing as work/life balance: The people at Raidious get it. We’re encouraged to work wherever we work best and to take time away from the computer when necessary. It’s important that everyone can dedicate time to loved ones, travel, or to staying active. We’re hardworking and well-rounded, and I like that.
  5. Snack Nation is gold: The monthly healthy snack service delivered on my first day. I quickly realized the value of beef jerky (the most unhealthy thing in the box), as the supply was depleted within minutes. No worries though, I have some dried fruit crisps at the ready.
  6. DOGGIES: One of my interview questions was “Do you like dogs?” Is that even a question? Dogs are welcomed – even encouraged for extra comfort and humor. They also add to the office cuteness factor, but that’s present regardless.
  7. I’m ten billion times more informed: I truly appreciate the fact that finding quality content for clients means staying up to date on current events and trends in and beyond the ever-changing social media landscape.
  8. It’s ever-changing: I’m learning new things every day about the platforms that I use constantly. Snapchat has memories, Twitter has stickers, and Tumblr will soon have ads. Every brand can present itself successfully online with the right knowledge and strategy – that’s where we come in.
  9. Training is doing: I’ve been fortunate enough to shadow two other brilliant C&MM’s. Jamie Berendsen and Sara Ling are rockstars. They explain things clearly and let me contribute along the way. I’m already creating, monitoring, and scheduling on my own while asking annoying amounts of questions as I go. They don’t seem to mind. I want to be like them someday.
  10. We celebrate differences: Aside from a universal love for pets, the Raidious team is different in numerous ways. It’s obvious that differences are valued here. People are constantly learning from one another, asking questions and being supportive of the various lives that we all lead.


There’s no doubt that this list will keep on growing. I am excited to continue my journey, learning from the wonderful people at Raidious!


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