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Google announced today that it will be investing over $100,000,000 in quality content for YouTube.

As mentioned in an earlier Raidious post featured on, directly from Matt Cutts at SXSW, Google has admitted time and again that SEO is about one thing – delivering quality, original content. It is the best way to rank your web property, the end – not link building, or other gray-hat SEO tricks that try to game the system. High quality original content always has, does, and always will help you win rank.

That’s what SEO is – it is the optimization of content.

It’s one thing to hear Matt Cutts say this to a room packed full of people at the biggest digital marketing conference on the planet. It is another for Google to back up that statement by investing significantly in its own properties.

Google is making a $100,000,000 dollar bet on high quality, original content, because guess what – Google knows it can’t lose.

One thing that YouTube is that Netflix and Hulu are not is a search engine. In fact, YouTube at one point was the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google, and it is still by far the first-choice destination for any user looking for video on a given topic. The fact that Google is investing like this, in high quality original content, should be the mother of all clues to anyone who wants to rank a website – you should be spending your money on high quality original content. Because that is exactly what Google is doing for its own properties.

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