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Google Lens: What are the Opportunities for Brands?

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but now, thanks to Google, your smartphone camera will be the new “text search box.”

The tech giant recently introduced Google Lens at their I/O Developer Conference, which will allow you to skip your keyboard and interact with the world through visuals. For example, by pointing the camera at a store, Lens can tell you the name, ratings and other information related to the business.

This new AI technology is more than just a benefit to businesses. It can be integrated into Google Assistant or Photos to bring real-life “computer vision” to the masses. One additional feature powered by Google Lens is the Visual Positioning Service, which works like an indoor GPS. This technology is already used in select grocery stores and Lowe’s home improvement stores to map out a particular indoor location and provide turn-by-turn directions to find a specific product.

How Can I Activate Google Lens for My Brand?

With this recent news, many brands are curious how they can use Google’s new technology in their content marketing strategy. Since the application is still in its early stages, keep experimenting with your physical location and products while garnering inspiration from these augmented reality ideas:

  • Allow consumers to test products like virtually placing a new coffee table in your living room
  • Gamify your location to attract new customers and create awareness through an interactive game
  • Try on the latest makeup or pair of sunglasses with an augmented reality mobile app

If you have a Google business page, make sure to keep it updated plus monitor all reviews and user-generated content tied to your search results. This will get you fully prepared for the release of Google Lens later this year.