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We don’t even know where to begin to express the respect and admiration we have for Slingshot SEO. As internet marketing professionals, we stand in awe of any search engine optimization company that can truthfully boast a 100% success rate at getting their clients on the first page of Google search results pages.

That Slingshot SEO is located here in Indianapolis has afforded us the opportunity to develop close professional and personal relationships with some of their principals and staff–the types of relationships crucial to the success of our business, and our client’s SEO efforts.

Not only do we partner with them to bring our clients premium, proven effective SEO services, they have graciously asked us to participate in conferences and guest post on their blog.

Additionally, Slingshot is a Raidious stakeholder, and a lot of their research on SEO plays a key role in how we plan and create content. They are trusted partners and trusted people. If you are looking to own some real estate on the front page of a Google SERP, you should call these folks right away.

Thanks for everything, Slingshot SEO. You all rock.

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