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The MacExperience is more than just an Apple-authorized reseller and repair shop. Their president and founder, Joel Read, is also the Chief Financial Officer for Raidious. His acumen in running his stores, paired with his years of experience in managing business financials, helped him lead Raidious to profitability in just seven months.

But more importantly, his team has kept our business running smoothly. We are entirely Mac based, and the team at The MacExperience has given us the right tools and support for our growing business since day one.

One example of their commitment to their customers: my 17″ MacBook Pro was stolen from my Jeep about five months after we started Raidious. Everything about the company was on that laptop, not to mention the last 6 or 7 years of my life. While it was an awful experience, the MacExperience team made it pain-free to get back my data. They had previously recommended an automatic Time Machine backup, so all my data was safe.

My laptop was stolen at about noon, and by 1:30 that same day, their team had a new laptop in my hand, complete with all my data. Not only did I not miss a beat, I was able to make it to an important 3pm presentation the same day, knowing all my old data on my old laptop was safe due to the encryption features their team had implemented. And not only that, they actually helped catch the guy that did it!

Beyond just running numbers and keeping our Macs in shape, Joel and his team have proven an invaluable business resource. Joel’s experience and patience have helped guide us through a phenomenal growth curve out of the gate, and he has been extremely helpful in offering us his years of experience managing growth and managing risk.

He has also graciously given us access to much-needed equipment and facilities – when we need to get out of the office and focus on Raidious, we almost always do it at the main conference room at The MacExperience downtown.

We are so grateful to have Joel as a member of the Raidious family, and count the staff of the MacExperience as friends and compatriots. We would never have been able to move as fast as we have without the support of Joel and all the guys at The MacExperience.

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