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In the early 1980s there was an obscure song by an obscure Indiana band entitled “Real Rock & Roll Don’t Come From New York.” In the world of marketing, Tom Hirons and Company prove that great advertising doesn’t have to come from New York either.

An agency leader since 1978, Hirons & Company are local, regional and national leaders in research-based messaging and tracking, public relations and marketing development, field hearings and public information sessions. In 2009 they not only named Raidious their lead digital partner, but they were nice enough to lease us some space in their very fancy new building when we grew out of the first Raidious office in just five months.

If you’ve been lucky enough to get to know Tom Hirons, we don’t need to tell you he is one of the nicest people on the planet. In the highly competitive ad agency business, Tom stands out as an honest, trustworthy, and forward-thinking agency principal. He walks the walk, and he has been a great role model to the senior team at Raidious, whether he knows it or not. We can only hope to maintain the same level of good-natured authenticity and sincere dedication to client success that Tom Hirons has become known for over their last 30+ years in business. He does things right, and he does the right things.

Hirons & Company is a joy for us to work with. Tom Aschauer, Deana, Meghan, Chris, and all of the other Hirons team members have been great. We’ve been honored to be entrusted with the digital component of a lot of their client relationships, and we have worked with them on a lot of great projects. We’ve made some great friends as well.

Thanks for everything Tom Hirons, and everyone at Hirons & Company. We are honored to be working with you.

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