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“We hear you!” How Consumers are Driving Changes for Brands Like Aldi.

With all the technology available for retail purchases today, nothing is as frustrating as a retailer not accepting credit cards. Typically, this is a business decision put in place to save on operatpaying costs. Once upon a time, it was frustrating, but it was accepted. NO MORE!

The times are changing, and so is the way we pay. It’s no longer “Do you accept credit cards?” It’s “Does your payment system work with my smart device?”

Yes, even Coke machines now. (Can this be more mainstream yet?)


Guys. I just used my watch to get a soda. #applewatch ?

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So, it should be no surprise that Aldi put an end to their ban on credit cards. The customers were asking for it, and they listened.

Using Infegy Atlas, we can look back on the themes emerging from the conversation around this need for change. Over the last year, on average, there are around 3 posts per hour on the topic. The heaviest theme? Expectation. Today, consumers expect you to listen, and these consumers expected to be able to checkout with credit when they shopped at Aldi. As the conversation grew, Aldi listened, and made the change. 

They aren’t the first comScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.04.38 AMpany to make a major move based on consumer feedback. It wasn’t all that long ago we were seeing Yoplait commercials about the changes they were making to their yogurt.

If you aren’t listening to your customers, and making sure they know you hear them, then it is time to start. It is CSR 101.

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