Hilton Gets Smart with Content Distribution

In Uncategorized by Kelley Briggs

Vacation planning is one of the guilty pleasures that we all take joy in. Even if the trip is months or years away, we can’t help but feel elated at the possibilities, and that oh-so-satisfying final click when everything is booked. Then the waiting begins.

During one recent “planning session” I landed on Hilton’s “Our Stage, Your Story” campaign. Beautiful photos of faraway destinations are one of my favorite things about social media, right up there with photos of delicious food and baby goats wearing sweaters.

I was so impressed with the way the Hilton brand engaged social media-savvy travelers across several platforms. The international hotels and resorts chain started a #HiltonStory contest that encouraged the social community to share the best moments of their favorite travel stories and photos to be entered to win a free stay and other incentives.

What really stood out to me is how naturally the conversation unfolded across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then the brand took advantage of the crowd-sourced content to build a powerful paid distribution campaign that was 155% higher than the previous four-month period.

Here are a few stats about the campaign worth paying attention to:

  • +18.8 million social impressions
  • #HiltonStory was mentioned +5.5 thousand times on Instagram and Twitter
  • Organic reach on Facebook during the campaign was 17% higher than the previous four-month pre-campaign period

But what I found really remarkable was the staying power of the #HiltonStory hashtag even once the contest ended. Even without an incentive in place people are using the hashtag as a way to share their travel memories with the world.

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