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How One B2B Company Mastered Humanizing Its Content

Before we jump into a content marketing campaign or program, Raidious always starts with a strategy, which identifies the target audience. We bring it to life with three to five personae, humanizing the real people within the target audience—and B2B brands are no exception. Every brand communicates with humans. There are no boring industries, just boring brands.

One Raidious client, a packaging design and logistics innovator of out Los Angeles, exemplifies content creation that entertains consumers and builds brand awareness with target audience alike. This packaging company comes from an old-school industry of handshakes and doing business as usual—but this company is anything but usual and old-school. With cardboard and bubble wrap (amongst many other materials) making up much of shipped packaging, the packaging company’s messaging could easily be lumped in with any commodity out there. They don’t take boring for an answer in the packaging solutions they provide and in the content they create.

This company pushes the edge with a video series featuring outrageous cardboard creations such as a skateboard, snowboard and surfboard. They enlist experts in that product and recruit professionals to test, break and test again the creations—and capture it all on video.

The thoughtful partnerships they make to create and distribute this content garners attention from extreme sports enthusiast, media outlets and the brands they aim to reach. Who wouldn’t want to business with a packaging company that creates a cardboard skateboard ridden by a legendary pro skater? They make the videos because they can, because they want employees to push themselves and because the videos tell their brand story of innovation. As the cherry on top, nearly a million people have viewed these videos.

EPS_CC-everythingAt the end of the day, the snack creator, nail polish manufacturer and luxury airline this packaging client serves are all made up of humans. To catch their attention while they scroll Twitter and LinkedIn, we must deliver engaging content worthy of that attention. Brand decision makers are humans who come to social platforms for the same reasons as any other user: entertainment, education and socialization.

Does your B2B content need a boost or overhaul to reach your audience. If the same ol’ same ol’ isn’t working for you anymore, invite Raidious to build a content strategy to humanize your brand’s content and start making an emotional connection with your users.

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