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HubSpot and Watershed Publishing recently released their Marketing Data Box, a “quarterly collection of practical marketing tools ready for professional use.”

The free collection of 65 charts from information wizards MarketingCharts collects current data from The Neilsen Company, Harris Interactive, Pew Research, Kantar Media, Compete, comScore, Experian Hitwise and Mediaguide. It aims to provide marketers, social media and SEO experts, and just about anyone else with all the ammunition they need for presentations, blog posts and general insight into online trends across a multitude of platforms and channels.

The collection can be downloaded in either PDF or PowerPoint format (or both), and is the latest in the slew of reports, whitepapers, and other resources HubSpot has made available at no charge.

This treasure trove of information is cleanly presented and well organized, making it easy to find the answer to almost any question business professionals may have about the current marketing climate. It focuses heavily on digital, but also includes other relevant statistics from retail/consumer goods and lifestyle/community. It could easily be retitled “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marketing But Were Afraid to Ask.” Or perhaps “Everything You’d Better Be Thinking About In Marketing.”

Not only is this package an invaluable research tool for market intelligence, as content producers it’s also a great resource for idea generation. If all the topics explored don’t spark a wildfire of ideas, there’s a problem between keyboard and chair.

I find myself in the position of giving more and more lectures and speeches at conferences and other gatherings. I also teach a college course in web marketing. In both settings, these free-to-use charts are proving to be a tremendous resource for backing up my points with real data.

Download this package immediately, and prepare to have your mind expanded.

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