Ideas for a Modern Major Marketer

Mobile Commerce is the New Video

Video is hot right now, but mobile commerce is on fire and it’s going to blaze a new path for retail brands and marketers. Here’s... Read More

Beware the Distribution Magnifying Glass

As part of our Ten Lessons of Distribution in the 2017 State of Distribution, Sara Ling outlines some of the opportunities and pitfalls that come with... Read More

Facebook Analytics: Game Changer or Flop?

If you’ve ever done (or currently do) any form of analysis and reporting for a client, your boss, or yourself to inform strategy and next... Read More

Your Content Calendar is Not a Strategy

Every year, millions of people adopt dieting, exercise, and a host of other more or less effective means to lose weight. Every year, like clockwork,... Read More

Celebrating Five Years at Raidious Control

Early February conjures an image of a very busy Raidious office. Five years ago, Raidious Control was the site of the first-ever Social Media Command... Read More

November Holiday Calendar – Use it!

Before they can blow out the candle in the jack o’ lantern, put the skeletons back in the closet, and pour the poison down the... Read More

How to Make Strategic Planning Stick

Many organizations and clients that Raidious works with experience a brief lull during the summer – a side effect of summer vacations, school being out,... Read More

What Marketers Can Learn from Doc Emmett Brown

Let’s agree on one thing first: Doc Emmett Brown was a little nuts, yea? The wide-eyed expressions…the hair, and “Great Scott?” – these are clearly... Read More

Raidious is hiring freelance copywriters

Raidious seeks versatile and swift digital copywriters for freelance opportunities. From technical blogs to quippy graphic copy, we’re looking for a variety of talent. Our clients... Read More

10 Things: My First Week at Raidious

Last month, I was thrilled to accept the Community and Media Manager position at Raidious. Though I’m dwelling on the fact that college is really... Read More

August 2016 State of Social Media

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and even then, the kids would have stumbled into your garden in kicked you out of your... Read More

USOC Cracks Down on Official Hashtag Use

If you work in social media marketing, content marketing, heck, if you work in any type of digital marketing, you know that being a part... Read More

7 Proud Moments at Raidious

Every July the team at Raidious gathers to celebrate where we’ve been, and where we’re going. In a space that’s constantly changing, we find it healthy... Read More
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