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Identifying the Ideal Customer

by Lauren Littlefield

Do you know who your customers are? Do you have an ideal customer? These are important questions to consider before implementing any new marketing strategy. For organizations looking to win new business, keep current customers and grow the right relationships, it’s necessary to first identify who your current customers are and of those, which are “ideal.”

According to Seth Godin, an ideal customer is an individual or another organization that …

  • Wants your products and/or services;
  • Has the ability to pay for the product and/or services; and
  • Has the authority to purchase your product and/or services.

So how can you identify the ideal customer, win more of them in the future, keep them as a customer over time, and grow them into loyal customers and brand advocates?

Well, if you already have a customer base, you can begin to identify customers who are ideal. The amount of money a customer has spent with you along with how engaged they are with your brand are key indicators of customers who are most likely to buy more and stay brand loyal. Additionally, you should work to identify which customers are satisfied and happy with your products and/or services. This can be a contributing factor in determining who is ideal as well.

Once you have identified a few customers you consider to be ideal, compare their attributes and look for similarities between them. You’ll then need to group these ideal customers into a segment so prospects and new customers sharing the same attributes can easily be identified.

So why go to the trouble of identifying your ideal customer? If you know who your ideal customer is, you can market to prospects who are a profile fit for your brand with personalized communication to build engagement. Likewise, you can communicate with your current customers who fit your ideal customer profile to keep them engaged and grow their relationship with your brand.

Are you ready to find out who your ideal customer is?