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This week, Instagram, a beloved photo-sharing app, announced a new service – Instagram Direct. With a simple app update, Instagram users are now able to share photos and videos with just one or a select group of friends.

At Raidious, when a social media platform makes an update or offers a new service, we immediately wonder, “How will this affect our clients?” and/or “How can our clients capitalize on this new opportunity?”

So, let’s take a look. Here’s my guess at what’s in it for brands:

1. Contesting & Deals. Because Instagram Direct gives brands an opportunity to reach out to followers on a one-on-one basis, the platform now makes it much simpler to notify a contest winner or offer a select group of followers an exclusive deal for participation. Need an example? Take a look at GAP’s Instagram Direct challenge. (Kudos to GAP for beating us all to the punch!)

2. Exclusive Content. All brands want them and most already have them … brand ambassadors. They are loyal customers and followers who are always engaging with your content and positively promoting your brand name. Why not thank them for all they do? Instagram Direct now gives you the ability to do just that. You could send those followers a behind-the-scenes photo from your recent event, a short video from a celebrity endorsing your brand or a thank-you message from your CEO. This is a great opportunity to deepen the relationship with those you know will spread the word.

3. Customer Service. If you are a social media manager, you understand that a good portion of your job is listening to customers and fans and being that first layer of customer service when a complaint or question arises. Instagram Direct now gives managers the ability to reach out and communicate with a follower directly. (I’m seeing many “How can I help you?”  graphics in our future.)

How will your brand use Instagram Direct?

If you’d like help implementing Instagram in your content strategy, contact us!

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