Instagram in Healthcare

In Digital Marketing by Sean Ireton

Despite the fact that over 80% of businesses don’t use Instagram for advertising, this under-utilized channel is one where healthcare organizations can make major gains. Over 400 million active users worldwide use the channel, and its photo-centric focus make it a great fit for the healthcare industry.

While the advent of the platform meant a lot of photos of people’s dinner plates, Instagram is still a great platform for users seeking a real, tangible human element to their social experience. Healthcare providers have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by showing off the people and facilities that make them unique.

Anyone in healthcare can tell you that the staff are the beating heart of their organization, and Instagram is an excellent space to celebrate their wins. Highlighting an employee’s major accomplishments showcases that your organization acknowledges and celebrates those wins together.

This focus on the human side also makes Instagram a great platform for recruiting. You can write as many words on other channels to try to convey the experience of the job, but nothing sells it quite like photos and videos of happy, hard-working people and the facility they call home.

On the patient-focused side, many healthcare organizations have had success in sharing stories of how they go above and beyond expected care. For instance, if you employ therapy dogs or have special programs like community yoga, those photos can make for major wins on the channel.

The great news here is that you likely have existing content that’s a great fit for Instagram. If you have a blog, pick one that shares several tips about a topic that’s relevant to the current time of year. Each one of those tips can be broken into its own graphic, and have breathing room to stand alone on Instagram.

With these notes in mind, taking the leap onto Instagram can pay off in a big way for organizations in healthcare. Raidious has been helping our healthcare clients make strides on the channel thanks to our Content Creation team of designers and writers, coupled with Strategy services to steer the ship. If you’re eyeing Instagram for your organization, give us a shout!