How Does Hyperlapse Fit Into Your Social Media Plans?

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Hyperlapse from Instagram is the hot, sexy new app everyone is talking about. Within just hours of its release, it had already claimed a place on the top 5 most downloaded apps. And, when one strolls through, we all do this:


Roll up your tongues, put your eyeballs back in their sockets, take a deep breath – it looks fine, but is it worth your time? Before we jump head-first into answering the question that is this blog’s title, let’s have a brief chat and get to know Hyperlapse a little better shall we?

What is Hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse lets you create fancy pants time-lapse videos from your iPhone or iPad, on the go, no stabilization gear or expensive software required. The app’s key feature is its built-in stabilization technology called Cinema. Cinema uses your iDevice’s gyroscope to measure camera movement while you’re filming. It then applies an algorithm to those measurements to reduce shake and produce a beautiful, fluid, professional-quality video. Power to the people.

Stabilization for Hyperlapse from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

Compare the above time-lapse video created with Hyperlapse to this one created with the Apple iOS 8’s new time-lapse feature. Hyperlapse for the win, sorry Apple.

How Does it Work?

A pretty smart dude named Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” I think Mr. da Vinci would agree; Hyperlapse is so sophisticated that it makes a going to the opera with a monocle and tails look like a grunge rock basement rager with hipster glasses and bum threads. Why? Its UI is elegantly simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Open app
  • Tap to focus
  • Tap once to start recording
  • Tap once to stop recording
  • Choose your playback speed (1x – 12x)
  • Press “X” to edit later or discard. or press the checkmark to share/save your video

 First Impressions 

  • The video playback is, incredibly smooth, clean and fluid. Even at a fast walking pace over uneven terrain, the result is nearly flawless. Running, not so much, it’s hard to run without moving your arms.
  • There’s no selfie-facing camera option – sorry Ellen and co.
  • Video filters, adjustments, cropping and clipping tweaks are not available within the Hyperlapse app itself. However, if you’re uploading to Instagram or happen to have a gnarly video editing program, filter and cut away my friends.
  • Recording options are start and stop only. You can’t pause your Hyperlapseterpiece. So, if some random, inconsiderate jerk steps right in front of your shot and decides, “Hey, I’m just gonna hang here for a while,” you might as well stop recording, trash it, and start all over.
  • The camera’s delayed ability to adjust to changes in light and focal points quickly and seamlessly is certainly a pain point that limits this app’s true potential. Especially when walking, there are constant changes in lighting and focal points as you move between objects. Be aware of your lighting and focal points – inconsistency in these severely degrades the quality of the end video.
  • It’s a battery vampire. Two hours of off-on use (no other background apps running) sucked over 30% of my battery.
  • It can be a memory elephant – I had to delete several apps to capture a full-length walk to work. (10 min not sped up)
  • I want a helmet mount, not for stability but so I can film everything I look at and get cool looks from other people.

Now that we’ve wined and dined with Hyperlapse let’s see if it’s relationship material for your social media strategy.

How Does Fit into Your Social Media Plans?

Before I divulge the answer to this question, repeat after me; “I promise that I will not create or distribute my Hyperlapse creations on my organization’s branded channels just because everyone else is.” Good! To avoid breaking the promise you just made, first consider whether time-lapse video aligns with the following:

  • Target Audience – Is video content something your target market responds strongly to? Is it something that they’re comfortable with?
  • Products / Services – Is video an appropriate medium for you to communicate your brand’s product / service benefits?
  • Brand Voice – Does video, particularly time-lapse video align with your brand’s social media voice?
  • Goals and Objectives – What are the current goals and objectives of your social media strategy and how will time-lapse video help you achieve them?
  • Added Value – Does your Hyperlapse video tell a story that’s worthy of your audience’s attention and time because it offers value?

Great, on to the good stuff! The characteristics that make Hyperlapse solid relationship material for your social media plans.

Simply Sophisticated Empowerment

Hyperlapse does for time-lapse video what it’s parent Instagram did for photography. There’s virtually no learning curve, no need to hire a professional or purchase expensive equipment. It’s high-quality time-lapse video creation for the vox populi.


Hyperlapse is a content creation tool that’s platform agnostic. It doesn’t require you to sign up or login with any particular social network. Don’t have an Instagram account? Not an issue! Whichever platform(s) your audience is on, if it supports video, you can upload your Hyperlapse creation to it.

Owned Media

Here at Raidious, we’re fervent believers in an owned media approach to social marketing. What is this owned media you inquire? Owned media is a content-driven, audience-centric, platform-agnostic approach to both leverage your existing audience as well as grow it. Quite simply, it’s control. Control over your audience and social platforms. Hyperlapse is a simple, time and cost-effective tool that aligns with each point of owned media.

Visual Storytelling

Our brains love visual content especially when that content breaks down complex information or tells an amazing story. Hyperlapse is another tool to help you create content that informs, engages and inspires your audience. But, as with any other content you create and distribute on behalf of your brand, make sure your Hyperlapses are relevant, offer value and true to the message you’re trying to convey. For inspiration, check these Hyperlapse creations.

I used Hyperlapse to tell a story about my first visit to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Weather stories & education

Kira took this rad video of the clouds passing by as she waited at a stoplight. Disclaimer: vehicle was not in motion during the filming of this Hyperlapse. Don’t Hyperlapse and drive.

“Don’t let life pass you by, get Naked. #Hyperlapse”

Clever and it tells a story that’s on point with the Naked Juice brand. My only qualm with this one is, by keeping the camera stationary, it doesn’t fully utilize Hyperlapse’s best feature; built in stabilization.

“Follow the signs. #Hyperlapse #DoTheDew”