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Interesting Ways Twitter is Using Emoji

By now you have heard all about the #twemojiparty.


In addition to Twitter’s own custom emojis, other fun emojis are hitting the stream from the likes of Taylor Swift, Star Wars, the World Wildlife Foundation, and Dominos.

Pretty neat stuff, Twitter. The real question is about the execution. For Tay Tay and Star Wars, it was easy enough. Tweet a specific hashtag, and a custom emoji shows up in your tweet. According to most, it only appears to be on mobile. For some, myself included, we get no love on desktop or mobile.


Speaking of execution, I was pretty pumped about the Domino’s “Easy Order” idea. “Give me Pizza or give me DEATH!” I shouted. Then I tried using the pizza emoji. It started off strong…

Then sadly, ended up being a fail all around. After placing my order via Emoji, it didn’t work.

Why? Because my Easy Order was an older order with an outdated coupon attached. Note: I couldn’t just MAKE an Easy Order. I had to select from previous orders, further limiting my options. Not to mention, I never actually got a reply from Domino’s after the misfire.

Obviously, programs like this and the one WWF are doing need lots of testing and tweaks before they are perfectly usable. For Domino’s this will have to be on the user account – giving customers the ability to set up the Easy Order from scratch vs using a previous order. It also begs the question… “What about the coupons?”

For the WWF, it will certainly be around helping people pick which adorable emoji animal they want to donate to. Also, what is the difference between the 5 monkey emoji? The world wants to know. In all seriousness, this is a neat way to get people involved in a giving campaign. It is fun and speaks to many. Looking forward to hearing their results.


At the end of the day, execution is key. Need help making sure your custom emoji ideas are executed flawlessly? We’re here to help.

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