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It is really easy for us, the human race, to get caught up in the hype of it all.

We spend a ton of time talking about how Justin Bieber screwed up in London, what Honey Boo-Boo’s mom is doing dressed up, how we feel about Nicki Minaj on Idol, the pope, the president, North Korea, the bad news, the mundane news, the news that creates an emotion in us …

But just because something is trending or popping, doesn’t always mean your brand can jump in and be heard. Nor does it mean you should.

The problem in getting caught up with it all is when something hits inside your bubble.

It is HUGE, it is TERRIBLE, it … it … it … is massively important … to YOU.

And that is what we, the plugged-in human, sometimes forget.

We have to take a step back — all of us — in order to really evaluate something and then react appropriately.

The result of jumping in too soon can be devastating to you or your brand.

Look to some of the Twitter fails from the last year.

Promo hashtags in condolence tweets, using a hashtag for the wrong reason, speaking out of your  … well, you get the idea.

Working in real time does not mean reacting without proper planning. Rely on your experts first, and then build a plan if you want to react. Plans do not have to be massive, daunting things:

“We just saw this hashtag on Twitter, and we think it is something we should <insert action here>.”

Great! Ask your experts if they agree, and if they do, hand off the expert data and info to production to create something to engage with.

Check it out, that was a plan. Simple and to the point, but a plan, nonetheless.

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