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Most businesses dedicate a huge budget to searching for new leads. Even then, many of them turn out to be unqualified. While it’s important to allocate funds for generating new business, you may be missing out on the low-cost sales tools that social media have to offer you. Here are a few tips that will help you minimize your sales costs by increasing your LinkedIN presence.

Spend some time getting familiar with your loyal customers on LinkedIN. Cruise through their profiles to find patterns and traits of people you enjoy working with. This will help you learn what you are looking for during your search for new customers. Networking with current business partners on LinkedIN is made simpler if you utilize the recommendations features. Let your favorite customer brag about your hard work — it will bring you new business!

Join relevant groups and get in on the conversation! While LinkedIN is a professional network, some of the tactics we utilize on more informal social networks are still transferable. Share things with the group members that will engage them. Whether it be starting a new conversation or sharing your latest blog post on the industry, give the group some remarkable content to associate with your company! This is an easy way to position yourself as a thought leader amongst your professional community.

Lastly, personalize your interactions! When you connect with a new business prospect, send them an individual note and address them by name. People often forget to mind their manners in the social sphere, but a little bit goes a long way. By making each of your connections feel special, your reach will expand in no time!

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