Lexus Heartbeat

Lexus Goes All-In with Millennial-Focused Video Content

In Social Media Marketing, Video by Craig Dodge Lile

Lexus is making a big push, online, to show that their cars aren’t just for old, rich, white guys. This week the automaker released two new video series showcasing their high-level engineering chops as well the thrilling experience of driving one of their automobiles.

The Lexus hoverboard is a project at least a year in the making, and while the brand won’t be selling these to consumers any time soon, the technology and video content is pretty awesome!

The Lexus Hoverboard In Action:

The Full Story:

Furthermore, The Lexus Heartbeat Car was built with one purpose, to show how thrilling it is to drive a Lexus RC F. Three professional drivers were connected to the car’s powerful 5.0L V8 RC F through unique biometric paintwork that displayed their heart beat.

This kind of video content is sure to appeal to all auto buyers, but more importantly it gives the brand credibility with the hard-to-reach millennial market.

Raidious clients like Ernest Packaging, with their cardboard skateboard, and Schlage locks, with their Keyless Era campaign, have tapped Raidious and our agency partners to create and distribute similarly awesome video content for their brands. Making high-performance automobiles look awesome isn’t really that difficult, but making things like cardboard packaging and home locks look cool, especially in the B2B digital marketing realm, is taking video content marketing to the next level!

Ernest Packaging’s Cardboard Skateboard Takes Flight:

Schlage Locks: The Keyless Era – Watermelon:

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