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Recently, I joined Raidious as an intern and have thoroughly enjoyed the short time I have been here. At Raidious, I work with the Engagement Team. Thus far, it has been an eye opening experience. I have been very fortunate to learn many aspects of the company since I began my internship two weeks ago. Each day has been a new adventure and I am excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the company during my Social Media internship.

Social Media is much more complex than one would initially think. Working in this field entails more than just updating a Facebook status, tweeting, and retweeting. Much time and thought goes into the research and work you do while accessing social media sites. You must always be on your toes when working in Social Media.

My Public Relations and Communication background has made my transition into this role much easier. I have been taught that you have to plan well and focus on getting things done timely. Additionally, you must identify your audience and understand their needs. Continually listening and responding to your audience at all times will enhance your chances of success.

It is imperative that you constantly manage, monitor, and moderate the feed that you are receiving. The more you respond and how quickly you respond can in return provide your brand the positive image you desire. The success of the company is influenced by how you interact with your audience through social media platforms.

Raidious is an incredible company. Everyone who works here is creative in their own way. The strength of the company is apparent through its talented and professional staff. I look forward to the remainder of my time here at Raidious and I am confident that my experience will provide me with a solid foundation in Social Media Management.

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