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While I’m at total humanist at heart, I am an online marketer by trade. I know (and tell everyone I can) that truly effective digital marketing is about bringing your brand’s content to people utilizing the channels they use and like.

With that in mind, comScore recently released data on the U.S. exposed reach of advertising on various social networking sites, and the numbers speak for themselves. Looking at data from September, 2010, ads on reached 62.4% of the U.S. online population. Demonstrating its continuing decline, paced a distant second at 24.3%.

Courtesy comScore Data Mine

Courtesy comScore Data Mine

The simple fact is that the combination of ad reach and the potential for consistent customer advocacy makes Facebook one of the most–if not the most–powerful social marketing channel for reaching customers on the internet. If your company is ignoring this valuable resource for reputation management and return on investment, you do so at your own risk.

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