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Henry Blodget of Business Insider just posted an article on how every form of media is shrinking, except for mobile. Some businesses smiled. Some started to sweat. Relax: It doesn’t matter which media channels grow or shrink when you understand that they are all content driven. When you build your strategy around content and not media, you can let the rest of the world evolve around you, and you can still function within it.

Of course, I’m not telling you that you can ignore advancements in technology and consumption, but if you keep your content strategy core, you’ll be able to adapt better and faster than many of your competitors. High-quality content is your boarding pass to any new network or method of consumption. As long as you have and are continuing to produce quality content, you can build audience on any platform, through any device.

The hardest part is often getting started, and step one in all of this is creating a documented content strategy. You need to answer some “who,” what,” “when,” where,” “how,” and “whys” before all else.

  • Why do you need to create content?
  • What are your goals?
  • Who are you speaking to or trying to reach?
  • What type of content is that target looking for?
  • Where does that target consume content, and are you distributing your content there?
  • How are you creating your content?
  • How does your target audience like content delivered to them?
  • When and how often are you going to publish your content, and why?

That’s just some of it, but it’s a solid start. Bottom line: It all needs to be determined and documented because one day your content manager or social media manager or marketing director is going to get a better offer and split. I mean, I hope they don’t, but they might, and if all this lives in their head, it’s out the door when they are. You need a documented strategy for the next in line.

Raidious builds content and social and distribution strategies for brands, large and small, every day. If you need help getting your plan together, contact Raidious today.

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