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Meet Our Newest Producer, Meghan Terrell!

If there’s one thing you should know about Meghan, it’s that if she could pick anyone, dead or alive, to have lunch with, it would be Bono. They would obviously discuss music and how he’s trying to save the world. She wouldn’t be upset if the Edge tagged along, AND she’d want to try his shades on. Also, would he pay?

Anyway, Meghan is the newest member of the family of Raidious team members. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in telecommunications and minors in both business and criminal justice. She knew about Raidious four years ago, waaaaay before we were cool, back when we shacked up with Hirons, and she’s admired us ever since.

Meghan is pretty fearless and isn’t afraid to push herself outside of her own comfort zone. When she was a wee 19-year-old with no job lined up and no place to live, she moved to Galway, Ireland, for the summer. She eventually found a job at a pub where she would sit in a window on the second floor and take orders for the bar below (ask her about this).

If you ever find yourself wondering what to get Meghan for her birthday, a pony would be a good place to start. She’s been obsessed with ponies since forever, and they are her spirit animal.

Welcome to the team, Meghan! We’re so glad to have you!

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