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As they’re quick to adopt a platform and move on in favor of the next flavor of the moment, it’s hard to decipher where Millennials will want to get their content next. So how do you target the flighty generation?

The best answer to the question, as apocryphal as it sounds, is to create amazing content that Millennials can engage with and make their own. This is a generation that has moved from one platform to the next every few years – literally for their entire lives. They grew up in computer labs, went to home computers, came to mobile and never looked back. This is an audience that’s likely to text their partners more than talking to them. They’re not interested in delivery method nearly as much as they care about what it is they engage with. Finding ways to engage them with unique and clever content will work far better than traditional methods.

This is where you, as a brand marketer, have to be willing to stretch outside the comfort zone. If you just happen to work for an international well-loved brand with a built-in audience, then chances are you may not have to follow this advice. Maybe. Most likely you’ll still need to generate great ideas that do not fall into what many Millennials see as boring traditional tropes. This audience is one that you have to keep listening to constantly so you can understand what they want. Failing to make sure you’re ready with fresh, engaging content is the fastest way to drive Millennials away.

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