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Which Piece Of The Digital Marketing Puzzle Are You Missing?

Earlier this month, I was meeting with a long-time Raidious client (6+ years, which is approximately the measure of Raidious’ existence). After six years, this company has gone through a number of meaningful changes, mostly centered on an acquisition and rebranding. As you can imagine, lots of responsibilities and circumstances had changed.

When these changes happen, its common for our clients to reassess their agency partnerships (as is healthy, even without the acquisition shakeup). Despite the chaos, Raidious relishes these opportunities, because it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate a full spread of our capabilities.

But they’re your clients. Shouldn’t they already be familiar with what you do?

Fair question. Raidious has a robust menu of services available, but it’s not often that a client orders everything on the menu. It’s more likely that our work fixes very specific problems. Rather than become redundant against your current team, we plug and play where it makes the most sense. Six months (or six years) later, it might be time to add or subtract a piece of the puzzle.

We don’t work the same way with all of our clients, but here are a few ways that our clients see us:

Raidious Drops Knowledge

When you don’t know what you don’t know, it often takes an outside perspective to find the appropriate path to take. Many of our clients use the Raidious strategy offering as an opportunity to train and bring their own marketing teams up to speed on best practices in owned media marketing.

The Raidious strategy offering, Groundwork, was purpose built to give organizations a holistic view of their content marketing efforts. Comprised of a creative framework, technology and process recommendations, and specific channel management, Groundwork is in a word, comprehensive.

Raidious is a Content Workhorse

One of the most common plug and play uses for our team is in creating assets. Between inbound, social, and analog channels, it’s exceedingly rare that in-house marketing teams, or even traditional agency partners have the bandwidth to be regularly creating content that keep a fresh line of communication. Written word, graphic, video, interactive – we have in-house talent, as well as a group of stand-by contractors ready get their hands dirty. Fast.

Raidious Manages our Channels

Not to brag, but we’re quite good at activating a brand’s value on social channels. It’s often why we’re hired. Often an extension of a more complete retainer, we’re fully capable of repurposing your current brand assets for consumption on the channels where your audience is most active.

Many of our clients have a treasure trove of information waiting for publication. It just takes the right team to bring it to life.

Raidious Manages our Native Ad Spend

Brand agencies and PR shops just weren’t built to do this. The targeting is entirely different, the opportunity to optimize moves too fast. Even our reps at social networks are often surprised at the low CPCs that we’re able to source for clients, like we have (and I quote) “secret sauce.”

Traditional agencies often partner with us to assist with paid distribution on big campaigns that they’ve already locked down the creative on. We pour fuel on an already-bright fire.

We’re a piece of the puzzle.

At the end of the day, digital is growing ever more fragmented. New social networks will continue to offer paid, owned, and earned media opportunities to get your time, attention, and dollars. Raidious is here to be a partner – a piece of the puzzle. Let us know how we can help.

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