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Mission Control for Digital Media

Mission Control for Digital Media

As a digital media agency, it can be difficult to put into layman’s terms exactly what it is we do. Whether we’re out pitching a potential client, going for an upsell with an existing client, or engaging in networking or friendly conversations, to tell people we’re a “digital marketing company,” that we “do social media,” or we’re an “internet marketing agency” doesn’t quite tell the story.

We’ve come up with some analogies that we think help explain not only what it is we do, but what we can bring to a company or brand in need of online help. So we start with the long version:

Raidious is an interactive marketing and communications company purpose-built to produce content and manage dialog for brands.

And then there’s the short version:

We are Mission Control for digital media.

Not only does this analogy totally out us as the nerds we are (Space Camp, anyone?) but it boils down what we do into an easily understandable representation with which anyone who’s watched a Space Shuttle launch or seen Apollo 13 can identify.

Companies and brands are our little space capsules, each with their own unique mission and crew. Some want low Earth orbit, some want to land on Titan (that’s one of Jupiter’s moons, for the non-space geeks), some want to peer deep into the universe. Regardless of the mission’s scope, all of these need ground support: a group in charge of monitoring every piece of data, every blip on the radar, to help that spacecraft on its journey.

That’s where Mission Control for digital media comes in. In space flight, mission control monitors telemetry, guidance, life support, fuel, and all the other crucial elements that go into keeping that capsule speeding toward its goal.

In digital media, mission control monitors trends, sentiment, impact, and conversions.

All of this monitoring is in service of engaging with customers and ensuring that a company’s marketing staff or agency can concentrate on what they do best. Mission control for digital media makes sure everything runs smoothly and no detail is overlooked. An overseeing body monitoring and measuring every aspect of a mission ensures your flight to the moon doesn’t end up on Pluto.

How do you explain internet marketing? What’s your best analogy to explain online dialog management? Let us know what you think.

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