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You heard me right. My 68-year-old mother used a hashtag last week. In truth, my mother is the smartest person I know. She taught me how to find books in the library using the Dewey Decimal System, so it’s no surprise that she’s figuring out how to find and categorize information on social media networks using hashtags. Also, in truth, I think she was just responding to my obnoxious use of hashtags in my status update, but it brings me to my point: Hashtags have become a crucial piece of the real-time digital marketing mix.

Hashtags have been around since 2007, so maybe the only weird part is that they are JUST NOW really taking hold. The fact that Facebook is using them reveals a pretty huge shift in the way consumers communicate with each other and about brands. It also means that hashtags are here to stay.

Mom calls me out for #bragging

Mom calls me out for #bragging

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or have someone else smarter than you running your social media): Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a hash or pound sign (#), and they are used to identify messages on specific topics. Using the right hashtags in your social posts helps your content get categorized and discovered more easily.

For example: During this past weekend’s Indianapolis Colts game, the most common hashtag being used was obviously #Colts. Simple and easy, a fan could track and take part in real-time conversations about the game in progress.

On a daily basis, Raidious tracks conversations around topics and events in real time, and our team creates remarkable and shareable content for our brands to help them build audience across their owned media channels. Sometimes these topics don’t even need to be directly related, but can still be used to capture the attention of a brand’s audience. We use hashtags that are popular and commonly related to these topics and conversations to maximize the possibility that a brand’s audience will find our content. Using hashtags helps give your content longevity as well, further increasing the chances of your audience finding and sharing your content in the long term.

If you need an assist creating an effective, audience-building social content strategy for your brand, contact Raidious today.

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