Newsroom – Real Time & Inbound Marketing Services

The Newsroom is our holistic, integrated real-time marketing solution.

Whether you are a brand, an agency or a SaaS provider, the Newsroom is your extended team. For nearly a decade, Raidious has helped enterprise marketing teams design and power their brand platforms. The Newsroom provides our clients with the agile production support that is demanded by the media environment of today. Social, inbound and media management are easily handled by our team. The Newsroom is, in effect, like a mini-CNN newsroom for your brand.

Get ready for some coverage.

Raidious Taps Real-Time Marketing Expert to Lead Newsroom Offering.

Ms. Peavley has been Raidious’ liaison to some of the largest brands in the world. She has executed in the trenches of digital teams at Walmart, Equifax, ChaCha and many others. With her extensive experience, we couldn’t be more excited that she is leading the Newsroom offering at Raidious.


Newsroom for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

Raidious is famous for our ground-breaking efforts in real-time marketing with brands like Walmart, The DOD and the Super Bowl. But what many people don’t know is we can now offer these services at an affordable price to brands like yours.

For about the cost of one entry-level marketing person, you can have a 20-person team of experienced marketing specialists. It’s easy - just pick a plan, and we’ll assign you a Producer / Content Correspondent, help create a strategy and execute all deliverables. 


Newsroom Services that Build, Grow and Scale to Meet Your Needs:

For brands with entry-level needs. Support your team with ongoing content production and promotion, social media management, analytics and reporting.
Content & Scheduling For Up to 2 Social Channels
Included Every Quarter: 1 High Effort Content Unit
Web & Social Listening: Brand Terms
Long Form Content: 2 Content Units Per Month
Email & Automation: 1 Email Content Unit Per Month


For brands and organizations ready to grow. Build your audience. Put greater definition on your conversion funnel. Track and improve marketing program ROI.
Content & Scheduling For Up to 3 Social Channels
Included Every Quarter: 2 High Effort Content Units
Brand & Competitor Terms
Long Form Content: 4 Content Units Per Month
Email & Automation: 2 Content Units Per Month


For brands and organizations that need to scale. Effectively manage media and production against a growing team of specialists working with you and your team.
Content & Scheduling For Up to 4 Social Channels
Included Every Quarter: 3 High Effort Content Units
Brand, Competitor, Industry Terms
Long Form Content: 8 Content Units Per Month
Email & Automation: 4 Content Units Per Month