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The Facebook IPO has created quite a buzz in the tech world and on Wall Street. But Facebook’s status update as a publicly traded company has caused several users to fret. There’s no need to panic, Facebook fans! Just because you can purchase Facebook stock does NOT mean your profile information is public. Rest assured, not much has changed with regards to your everyday social networking.

Does this look familiar? Many of us panicked after seeing a scary statement from the government in our newsfeeds last week. But just because you bought into this viral Facebook scam doesn’t make you gullible. Here are 3 of the silliest social media scams of all time.

  1. “Shhh! Don’t you want to know the nasty stuff people are saying about you?” You know you’ve received this Twitter DM from one of your friends.
  2. “Did you see that video of Osama bin Laden’s death? Upgrade your flash player to view … ” Oh, come on. You didn’t really think that would work, did you? Hopefully not, because if you did, you downloaded a virus exposing all of your stored passwords to the hacker.
  3. “Did you know there’s anthrax in your laundry detergent?” Well, that was the rumor going around last year on Facebook. If you “liked” or “shared” the story, you too were the victim of a social media hoax.

The moral of the story is, folks, do a quick Google search before you repost, retweet and share these shock-inducing stories. Chances are, you’ll get to save some face by doing your research. These hoaxes have strong repercussions for brands. Reposting something phony to your brand’s social page may at worst lower your credibility or at best cost you a few followers.

Now, go do your homework!!

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