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According to the most recent data from comScore Video Metrix 31 billion videos were viewed during November 2009. The top ranking delivery sites are Google with 12.2 billion and Hulu with 924 million.Hulu

The duration of the current online video still remains relatively short at 4.0 minutes, but Hulu received some very promising news from the study. The average Hulu viewer watched 21.1 videos totaling 2.1 hours of videos per viewer during the month, which is an all-time high according to comScore. This information could be showing a shift in how web users are moving their television viewing to on-demand online websites like Hulu.

With over 170 million people in the US on the Internet a good portion of their attention is being occupied by web videos. If your company hasn’t talked about a strategy for web video, other than just uploading your broadcast commercials to YouTube, you should. 84.8% of US Internet users viewed online videos, so if you value the Internet enough to have a presence there you should consider giving people what they want: video.

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