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When Raidious engages with brands prior to a content initiative, the first question we’re often asked is: “How can you know my brand as well as I know my brand?” Makes sense. How could some outside agency come in and write in your brand voice and accurately talk to your customers the way you do? Seems far-fetched, but it’s really quite simple:

Raidious approaches content creation from a journalistic-based newsroom philosophy. We’re built like a newsroom, and it’s why we can be a newsroom for brands. We’re built like CNN and ESPN. We have journalists and photographers and videographers and graphic artists on staff. We treat your content creation like the creation of news stories. We sit down each morning with our creative team and evaluate what is happening in the world and how it relates to the brands we represent. We give our brands an opportunity to take advantage of trends and topics in real time. We then seek out the sources, we interview, we formulate an angle, we write, we design, we film, we edit and we fact-check.

If you aren’t working with an agency on your marketing efforts, here are five reasons to consider talking to one …

Outside Perspective
Working with a third party helps you get outside your own head. It gives you a different, often much-needed outside perspective on your strategy and your brand. Face it – you can’t be objective. Many brands hire one person to manage their content or their social or their email. Working with an agency gives you a whole bunch of brains to tap into. I’m not talking about interns. I’m talking about marketing professionals.

Like I said, brands often hire ONE person to handle these big jobs. Finding time to accomplish the day-to-day while still keeping an eye on real-time marketing opportunities is tough!

Specific Skill Sets
Can that one person you hired hand you a full-on, yearly strategy designed to build audience? Do they know how to  increase sales or leads? Can they design top-notch infographics? Can they write scripts, film and edit great Web video? Can they write amazing, interesting blog posts? Who is writing your brand’s story? If you aren’t, your customers are. What are they saying?

Great agencies are full of creative minds. These people brainstorm and pay attention to what others are doing, in and outside of your industry. Agency professionals won’t be bound by the safety of what HAS been working for your brand. They’ll offer you new ideas on what COULD work for your brand.

If your marketing efforts aren’t properly measured, how can you know if they’re really working? Do you have data analysts on staff to provide you with reports on the many facets of your business, and if you do, are they integrated with your marketing and sales teams, providing them with the recommendations they need to be their best? You can and should expect your agency to measure their efforts to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Every brand needs help in one or all of these areas. Raidious provides these marketing necessities for brands every day. Contact Raidious today. We can help.

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