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Well-designed infographics are a great way to give your audience a new way to consume the information, and the great thing about infographics is that they can be useful to just about any business. If you’ve been hitting your audience over the head with blog posts or videos, infographics are a great way to switch things up.

Maybe you’re trying to communicate your quarterly earnings, or you want to more simply explain an innovation to investors or consumers. Infographics can be used to help train employees, or more effectively communicate the issues your business cares about.  Infographics allow your company to take dreary data and present it in an engaging and informative way.

Here are seven reasons you should be telling your story with infographics:

1) The visual interpretation of data – Let’s face it: Our attention spans are pathetic. You have very little time to get your message across. Infographics offer the reader a new way to interpret your message. Plus, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than blog articles.

2) Explain how something complicated works – For years, people have put things together using manuals with visuals. Your customers have been trained for infographics for years without even realizing it.

3) Explore new social networks – Instagram has 130 million monthly active users. With adults, Pinterest is now as big as Twitter. Social has been rapidly moving towards images as the main form of content for the last couple years. See reason #1 above to understand why.

4) Omnichannel content – Infographics are versatile and present well on all of the major social media networks. You can even create a long-form post to accompany your infographic on your blog, or you can keep things short and to the point on Twitter and Facebook. As mentioned in #3, Instagram and Pinterest are built for displaying images.

5) Infographics attract SEO linkbacks – When presented to their target audience, infographics are often shared. When shared, this creates new linkbacks from all over the Web to your company website.

6) Infographics build audience – Publishers who use infographics build audience 12 percent faster than publishers who do not.

7) The possibility of virility – Having a piece of content “go viral” is about as likely as winning the lottery, so you need a subjective view on this topic. Define what a win is for your brand and work to attain that. Of course, the possibility is always there, and if you put your onus on content quality, you never know what could happen.

Let Raidious take your data and make it beautiful.

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