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Pokémon Go : Nintendo’s Risk & Crisis Management

Admittedly, I missed out on the whole Pokémon craze the first time around. I have a younger brother who played the card game though, so I was familiar, and it looked like a good time. It has been enjoyable to watch this recent explosion of Poké-fun with the Pokémon Go app, and I totally get the nostalgia aspect crossed with exciting addition of modern technology.

I’ve also enjoyed watching people wander aimlessly around my neighborhood while staring at their phones. It is great that this game has people up and moving around, but I have also witnessed, firsthand, a few of the troubles this game is already starting to create. A young man plodded through my neighbor’s backyard just the other day, and he got quite the earful from the homeowner. The young man apologized profusely, but, in reality, he was minutes away from having the authorities called due to his seemingly odd behavior.

When an app or game explodes like this, 7.5mm downloads in ONE week, it is easy to see all the things a brand didn’t do to consider and prepare for all the potential crisis scenarios. This game has drawn loads of users to various locations, and oftentimes the results are for the good of everyone, but sometimes it has resulted in not-so-good outcomes. Pokémon Go players, and by result Nintendo, have faced backlash from various historical and sacred sites that exist in the real world and therefore in the Poké-world, due to users making bad decisions at those sites. Users have become so obsessed, some are losing their jobs. Issues of cyber-security have also been exposed. A woman stumbled upon a dead body while playing the game. Missouri police reported that armed robbers are using Pokémon Go to snare victims in isolated places.

Analysts say Pokémon Go has increased Nintendo’s share value by 7 BILLION dollars, but the brand is likely spending a nice little chunk of that money as quickly as possible to get a stronger crisis analysis, management and response strategy in place.

Even if your next big idea isn’t Pokémon Go-level, make sure you spend the time and money needed to consider, outline, and create a plan against all risk scenarios. Really dive deep into all the things that can go wrong with your big idea. If you don’t, you might end up catching the vapors instead of catching them all!

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