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Most Popular Guardians of the Galaxy Character by Country? Glad you asked!

It is no secret at Raidious that I LOVE comic book movies, and am especially excited about all things Guardians of the Galaxy, especially the Vol 2 teaser trailer. So, we spent a few minutes looking at social volume surrounding the trailer and wondered if certain countries favored a particular character more than others. We put the question to our social research and listening platforms, and split things out geographically. 

And the results are in! Here are the countries of the world showing their love for the Guardians:


Groot wins hands down! Across the United States and around the globe, people were overly excited about our favorite little twig. And I do mean the little guy, affectionately known as “Baby Groot” by many, owned 70% of overall mentions of Groot.

The ladies especially love Baby Groot, who is the most discussed character among those that identify as female where Drax is the favorite among identified males. Before anyone gets upset with the DATA here, I should note that 59% of males loved Baby Groot, too.

This data doesn’t surprise me much. Drax laid down some serious shade on Starlord while setting his expectations with Gamora…

“There’s two types of beings in the universe: Those who dance and those who do not. You just need to find a woman who’s pathetic. Like you.” – Drax the Destroyer GotG Vol2

And Baby Groot shows up at the end of the trailer in the cutest way possible. Look at his little jacket!!!

Baby Groot Jacket

So, other than my geeky curiosity, why do we care?

Raidious knows what it means to be a brand newsroom, and we help our clients be aware of trends in current events, pop culture, and verticals of interest allowing them to be relevant when they enter the conversation. If our client happened to be the advertisers for this film, we would be suggesting they weight ad creative around Baby Groot or Drax scenes where he is as innocently naive as we all wish we were.

(Queue the Instagram Drax Meme campaign)

And since you haven’t watched the trailer 3x already today, indulge yourself. (And let us know when you have market research questions)

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