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Tweeting Potholes

Potholes Begged To Be Fixed Through Twitter

Raidious is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we’ve learned that potholes are often one of the last things a city wants to deal with. Panama City can relate, but one agency, based there, isn’t standing for it. P4 Ogilvy & Mather, on behalf of a local Panamanian TV station, has placed special devices in potholes that automatically tweet nasty messages at the Twitter account of the Department of Public Works whenever cars drive over them!

The campaign has been effective enough to get the attention of the minister of public works, who appeared on the TV station to address the issue. He explains, much like here in Indianapolis, the “Pothole Budget” is often one of the first to get reallocated when times get tough. Nevertheless, this is just another reinforcement of the fact that social media can cause social change, and no matter which side of the fence you might be on in a given situation, your brand needs to make sure it is budgeting for social media monitoring and response.

Source: AdWeek

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