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It’s All About Quality, Not Quantity, With Facebook

Unless you’ve been living under some kind of Internet-repelling rock for the better part of a year, then you’re likely already aware that Facebook has changed the way that it is displaying content, not just from brands but also from its individual users. As expected, all sorts of experts came out with a calm and measured response to these changes.

What we have actually seen happen over time is that while we’re still not exactly sure how Facebook is deciding what content to serve to users (short of that which has paid promotion behind it), there is an underlying theme that has been consistent; quality content, not quantity of content, is going to be valued higher and shared more.

This aligns closely with the trends we’ve seen coming from search giants like Google with the changes its been consistently making to its search algorithm. Google has very seriously taken steps to close old loopholes that created the SEO industry in favor of moving pages with consistent quality content to the top of search results.

Facebook’s algorithm seems not only to be focused on what it defines as “quality” content, but also on engagement content. Getting your audience to engage with your content is the single biggest way to get your content seen by more of your audience.

The bottom line of all of this is that while we don’t really know what’s making Facebook’s content algorithm tick, we have plenty of evidence that it’s all about quality content. There’s no more faking the funk and pushing out pointless branded tripe – you’ve got to be serious about producing content that really engages your audience members and is of value to them.

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