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Raidious has teamed up with Spredfast to create a powerful suite of social media tools and services for business. Social Center is a collaborative effort that leverages the power of leading social media management software Spredfast with the content development, management and deployment prowess of Raidious.

In our experience, companies are often confused about which resources and tools best suit their online marketing needs. Additionally, they usually lack the expertise to best utilize these channels. Social Center combines the enterprise class Spredfast software with the full line of Raidious services to solve both the technology and resource problems.

Social Center isn’t just something we sell: we eat our own dog food and use it to manage all our client accounts including Marsh Supermarkets, Comcast, CyberDefender, and other regional and national brands. We work directly with Spredfast to help refine the software to meet our needs and those of our clients.

Social Center plays nicely with Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, Foursquare, and a host of blogging platforms including Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and more. The software allows companies to create, schedule and maintain the content that drives all these digital platforms in one place.

Measuring effectiveness is also easy, with built-in integration with Google Analytics as well as customizable metrics for all activity across all digital channels. You can dig as deep as you want into the analytics, or get a quick bird’s eye view with the dashboard.

Social Center social media management software and services

Social media is a two-way channel, and Social Center knows it. With it you can monitor dialog in real-time from all across the web, and decide when and how to respond. It’s also built to factor in governance, allowing for a content “chain of command,” ensuring that messaging is consistent and brand-approved.

The services in Social Center are powered by Raidious, bringing our experience, agility and acumen for creating and managing online content to your business.

We can assist with content planning and strategy, as well as the actual creation of content for blogs, email, mobile devices, web video, social media and more. Equally importantly, we can monitor, moderate, govern and promote social media content, and provide all the analytics you need to prove ROI.

If you already have an in-house staff to create content, Raidious offers training in using Social Center software as part of our SocializeU training program so you can make the most of it to create measurable results.

Learn more about all the features Social Center has to offer and sign up for a free 30-day demo at

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