Raidious helped Schlage establish reach on their video content with both organic and paid distribution

In Video, Video by Marko Tomich

There’s nothing worse than having something awesome to share but nobody is paying attention. Like the kid on the diving board who’s about to try a back flip, the need to shout “WATCH THIS” is one that never leaves us. Having produced a series of spectacular videos, door hardware company Schlage had a lot to show off — and Raidious helped them get the spectators they craved.

With an approach that was equal parts paid and organic distribution, Raidious set to work building the audience that would help our client achieve their goal. Daily monitoring identified opportunities to surprise and delight Schlage’s audience, while optimization across various platforms put native ads in front of the right eyeballs.

Learn how Raidious blew our client’s expectations for video views out of the water. Read our white paper right here.