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On April 20, Raidious moved the Mobile Command Center to the 14th Annual Mira Awards gala at the JW in downtown Indianapolis. The Raidious team tweeted, monitored and even created Vine videos for TechPoint during the event.

I would like to recap what I learned by doing social in real time for such an event:

First, you need to prepare for the event. Establish a hashtag and create monitoring lists of keywords and influencers (know who is attending and speaking at the event). The hashtag we asked everyone to use during the gala was #Mira13.

Not everyone who is attending your event is necessarily following your Twitter account. For that case, you need to monitor for specific keywords and hashtags relating to your event so you are prepared to answer any and all questions.

Next, arrive early and get familiar with the area. You will need to know where all activities will be taking place throughout the night. For Mira Awards, there was a dinner, an awards ceremony and the after-party, all of which were in different places. You will want to take live photos of the guests, speakers and maybe even your social team to post on social for the night. Know what the lighting and noise situation will be like, where to set up your cameramen for the actual ceremony, etc. These might seem like little things, but they will end up being extremely important.

Last, recap how your event did on social. How many mentions, RT’s, or shares did you get on your content for the night? Was your hashtag trending in your area?

The Mira Awards was a success! Just to share how much of a hit it was, #Mira13 was still trending in Indianapolis the following evening. Visit TechPoint’s blog here to learn more about the event and all of the winners!

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