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Two quickies:

Featured Post

My Venture Pad

My Venture Pad

A post from the Raidious blog is currently featured on the front page of My Venture Pad. Matt’s post “Three Things I’ve Learned Working at a Startup” apparently warranted some attention.

We appreciate the inclusion on a site we read often. It’s always nice to have someone else check out your work and find some value in it. My Venture Pad is a really useful site with lots of great posts and resources for small business and networking.

Raidious Death Wish

BC's Raidious Death Cycle

BC's Raidious Death Cycle

Our director of platforms, Brian “BC” “Silent T” Conradt, just fulfilled his dream of owning a motorcycle. He promises to wear his helmet.

While we think he’s a little crazy, he did manage to find a bike in Raidious Orange. Now it just needs a logo and a Twitter profile.

That’s all. Happy Friday!

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