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Raidious + Infegy Atlas

Raidious Partners with Infegy Atlas to Harness and Analyze Data

As digital evolves, we have learned much about the old adage “the devil is in the details”. As online marketing becomes more sophisticated, so must the data and the analysis and application of that data.

Numerous amazing tools to harness data exist out there, and some not so amazing ones, and we have had our share of both. We utilize a number of tools to analyze different types of data, dependent on the clients needs. Some already have a tool they know and love, and so, we use and love them. However, those tools don’t always provide the depth of analysis needed.

We have seen a growing need for historical analysis, which is not a base inclusion for many of the popular tools out there. Typically you request specific “historicals” and pay for them ad-hoc. *On-channel tools are excluded. Social Media Management tools will import historical, typically, up to the point the platform API allows.*

There is a need to supplement basic analytics with some deeper access to the world of conversation floating out among the sea of one’s and zero’s. This is why we have partnered with Infegy Atlas.Kira Peavley on Infegy Atlas


Brian Wyrick on Infegy Atlas


Atlas provides us with:

  • Eight years of historical content across 200 million social channels
  • Ability to analyze target audiences based off unique lifestyle traits or linguistic elements (mothers, fathers, millennials, coffee lovers, etc.)
  • Automatic data comparisons and emotion/theme analysis.

Simply, Infegy Atlas helps us find differences in data that would not normally be recognized by other tools, and it does this with up to eight years of data. This data can help with content decisions, marketing plans, goals and so much more.

Topher Howden on Infegy Atlas

We are all pretty excited about the historical depth of Atlas. For instance, if we were to pick a hot topic like the Women’s World Cup and went back eight years, we see that the conversation spikes every four years, which is to be expected. The fun part is that we can dive into those spikes to see what was driving some of the conversation on certain days.

Women's World Cup Conversation

Let’s have some fun with an interesting story. You might have heard about the couple arrested for driving naked while eating pizza in Ohio. If you haven’t, you can read the story here. The headline reads “Naked couple arrested in bizarre incident”… I put emphasis on “bizarre”  because I feel like I have heard similar stories about people being arrested naked several times over the years. Is it really so bizarre? I took to Atlas to find out.

Lisa Manthei on Atlas

Infegy Atlas makes it easy to build complicated queriesI am in love with the simplicity of query construction and modification Altas provides.  Specifically the preview mode which allows you to very simply adjust your query by clicking on the stuff you don’t want as shown in the example to the left.

As most analysts will tell you, we see some weird stuff when we are looking through the Internet. No real surprise when you think of what we are trying to find here.

What am I looking for exactly? In this case, I am trying to hone in on conversation about people being arrested while naked, and I am trying to weed out some of the conversation that is off-topic, or anything that isn’t what I am looking for.

In this case, I don’t want horror stories, more like odd or funny stories about naked arrests. See how easy it is to exclude those stories and topics?Andrew Gouty on Infegy Atlas

What did I find? Not at all what I expected. I found the situations around the arrests had less in common, and found far fewer stories (~47k over the last year) than I anticipated. More men than women talk about these stories on social. In the U.S., participants in the chatter are above the national averages in household income, size, value and higher education, but below the national average for disposable income. What assumptions might we draw from this? Perhaps with less disposable income, there is more time for online conversation. More analysis can be done to hone in on those specifics.

Jenn Love on Atlas

I discovered that it is supposedly illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota, or at least that was a popular topic in July of last year. I also learned that around the same time period, a former WWE champ didn’t use his signature move to subdue a burglar, but he did have him in a naked choke hold. Awkward.

At the end of the day, we are extremely excited to be partnering with Infegy and providing robust insights to our clients. Interested in learning more about how we can use Atlas for your company? We’re here to help you with all of your digital needs. Reach out to us today!


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