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There are many different perspectives on social media marketing. Everyone has a unique strategy, or theory when it comes to communicating your brand message online. We at Raidious are no different.

Raidious broke social media into three main categories that describe exactly what you need to be doing for a successful social media campaign.

#1. Content

At Raidious we believe that content is king regardless of the platform. Content is anything you post on your pages in order to interact with your customers. This could be a Facebook post, a tweet, photo, video, link, etc.

Developing the content strategy that works best for your brand takes time, and it requires plenty of listening. In order to know what your followers want you to talk about, you must first listen to them. Create content, and then track it using tools like Social Center. If no one is interacting with your content then try something else.

#2. Monitoring

Monitoring means listening. Put simply as possible, it’s listening to the internet. Create search terms and monitor them for mentions of your brand. This includes blogs, social, forums, news sites, etc. Any time your brand is mentioned on the internet, you should know about it.This is how you find out what is being said about your brand, whether positive or negative, in order to know how to manage your online presence.

#3. Moderation

Moderating could also be called Monitoring Plus. The whole point of social media is the ability to interact with your constituents. You create a piece of content with the goal of getting your followers to comment, like, retweet, and reply. Your ability to continue the conversation is key, so post responses to comments and thank your supporters for retweeting and being great advocates for your brand.

If you’re only doing one of these processes for your brand, then your social campaign needs some tweaking. Remember, social media is social. Engage in the conversation to create advocates.

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  1. Great post Ryan. You hit the nail on the head by suggesting that content is still king. In the end, if you don’t have excellent content to push out, it doesn’t really matter how much traffic you drive. Social media is a great amplifier for quality content.

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